Working papers

In this page you can find the current projects I am involved in, policy reports I have contributed to, and my working papers.

Works in progress

I am currently working on several research projects with many colleagues and friends of mine. In no particular order and with provisional indicative titles, these are my current works in progress:

Privatization, Redistribution and Democratic Institutions in Developing Countries, with L. Ceriani and S. Scabrosetti – Under review

How do governments fare about redistribution? New evidence on the political economy of redistribution, with F. Padovano and G. Turati – Under review

Grandparents’ availability and mothers’ employment: Evidence from pension reforms, with M. Bratti and T. Frattini

Equality of opportunities for young Italian workers, with E. Chiappero and A. Peruzzi

Well-being and conversion factors: an estimation, with E. Chiappero and P. Salardi

Youth capability deprivation in the Italian labour market, with E. Chiappero and A. Peruzzi

Redistributive effects of fuel taxation, with M. Di Giacomo, M. Piacenza and G. Turati

A comparison among inequality indices, with F. Cowell and C. Fiorio

Factors driving the expansion of education in Europe in the 20th century, with G. Ballarino and E. Meschi

Policy Reports

Trends and determinants of inequality of capabilities in the labour market in Italy” (with A. Peruzzi and E. Chiappero-Martinetti), SOCIETY Work Package 5 – Deliverable 5.4, Bielefeld Center for Education and Capability Research, Bielefeld University, 2015

Growing inequalities and their impacts in Italy” (with G. Ballarino, M. Braga, M. Bratti, D. Checchi, A. Filippin, C. Fiorio, M. Leonardi, E. Meschi), GINI Discussion Paper, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2012

GINI Intermediate Report: Drivers of Growing Inequality” (with G. Ballarino, F. Bogliacino, M. Braga, M. Bratti, D. Checchi, A. Filippin, V. Maestri, E. Meschi), GINI Discussion Paper WP3, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2012

“Measurement of input distribution and redistribution” (with V. Maestri, E. Meschi), Chapter 1 in Wiemer Salverda, Editor, “Inequalities’ Impacts. GINI State of the Art Review 1“, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2011

“Educational Inequality” (with E. Meschi), Chapter 2 in W. Salverda, Editor, “Inequalities’ Impacts. GINI State of the Art Review 1“, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2011

Working Papers

How do Governments Fare about Redistribution? New Evidence on the Political Economy of Redistribution” (with F. Padovano and G. Turati), CESifo Working paper n.6137, 2016

Inequality, Privatization and Democratic Institutions in Developing Countries” (with L. Ceriani and S. Scabrosetti), SIEP Working paper n.711, 2016

Grandparental Availability for Child Care and Maternal Employment: Pension Reform Evidence from Italy” (with M. Bratti and T. Frattini), IZA DP.9979, 2016 — Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano WP 391, 2016

Equality of Opportunities for Young Italian Workers” (with A. Peruzzi and E. Chiappero), SIEP Working paper n.704, 2016

The Performance of Politicians. The Effect of Gender Quotas” (with M. Braga), SIEP Working paper n.701, 2015 — Revised version published on the European Journal of Political Economy

Heterogeneous Preferences and In-Kind Redistribution” (with L. Bellani), Working paper n.2014-21, Department of Economics, University of Konstanz, 2014 — Revised version published on the European Economic Review

Should We Resurrect TIPP Flottante if Oil Price Booms Again? Specific Taxes as Fuel Consumer Price Stabilizers” (with M. Di Giacomo, M. Piacenza, G. Turati), Working paper n.27, ESOMAS, University of Turin, 2014 — Revised version published on Energy Economics

Expansion of Schooling and Educational Inequality in Europe: Educational Kuznets Curve Revisited” (with E. Meschi), GINI Discussion Paper n.61, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2012 — Revised version published on Oxford Economic Papers

A New Dataset on Educational Inequality” (with E. Meschi), GINI Discussion Paper n.3, AIAS, Amsterdam, 2010 — Revised version published on Empirical Economics

Empirics of the Median Voter: Democracy, Redistribution and the Role of the Middle Class”, Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper n.516, 2009 — Revised version published on the Journal of Economic Inequality

“Political economy of the Director’s law”, Department of Economics and Public Finance “G. Prato” – Università degli Studi di Torino – Working paper n.8/2009