This is the complete list of my publications. You can find more information about journals, rankings and citations on my google scholar, ORCID, IDEAS pages (notice that these sites might not be updated) and on SCImago, Scopus, RePEc rankings.

Articles in International Journals

The performance of politicians: the effect of gender quotas” (with M. Braga), European Journal of Political Economy, 2017, Vol.46, pp.1-14

Should we resurrect ‘TIPP flottante’ if oil price booms again? Specific taxes as fuel consumer price stabilizers” (with M. Di Giacomo, M. Piacenza, G. Turati), Energy Economics, 2015, Vol.51, pp.544-552

Heterogeneous preferences and in-kind redistribution: theory and evidence” (with L. Bellani), European Economic Review, 2015, Vol.78, pp.196-219

Expansion of schooling and educational inequality in Europe: the educational Kuznets curve revisited” (with E. Meschi), Oxford Economic Papers, 2014, Vol.66, n.3, pp.660-680

A new dataset on educational inequality” (with E. Meschi),  Empirical Economics, 2014, Vol.47, n.2, pp.695-716

Empirics of the median voter: democracy, redistribution and the role of the middle class“, The Journal of Economic Inequality, 2012, Vol.10, n.4, pp.529-550

Education, inequality and electoral participation” (with P. Segatti), Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2012, Vol.30, n.4, pp.403-413

Chapters in Books in English

“Increasing educational inequalities?” (with G. Ballarino, M. Bratti, A. Filippin, C.V. Fiorio, M. Leonardi), Chapter 5, pp.121-145, in W. Salverda et al, Editors, Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives, Oxford University Press, 2014

“Italy: How labour market policies can foster earnings inequality” (with G. Ballarino, M. Braga, M. Bratti, D. Checchi, A. Filippin, C.V. Fiorio, M. Leonardi, E. Meschi), Chapter 16, pp.369-392, in B. Nolan et al, Editors, Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries’ Experiences, Oxford University Press, 2014

Chapters in Books in Italian

“La disuguaglianza dei redditi in Italia” (with C.V. Fiorio, M. Leonardi), Chapter 6, pp.137-153, in D. Checchi, Editor, Disuguaglianze diverse, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012

“Partecipazione elettorale ed effetti delle disuguaglianze” (with P. Segatti), Chapter 16, pp.355-369, in D. Checchi, Editor, Disuguaglianze diverse, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012

“Disuguaglianza dei redditi e propensione alla redistribuzione” (with P. Segatti), Chapter 17, pp.371-388, in D. Checchi, Editor, Disuguaglianze diverse, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012

Other publications

“L’uso degli ebook a scuola”, in D. Checchi and T. Jappelli, Editors, La scuola e, 2011