I collect in this page some interesting material, such as software guides, links to datasets I have used, websites and so on.


I use LaTeX to prepare my documents and I like it very much. Here you can find general information on this very powerful tool. It is distributed as a free software and it is available for all operating systems. Even if not strictly needed, it is useful to use a TeX editor. Here you can find a comparative table of their tools and characteristics. There are many introductory guides, this is quite simple and complete.

I use Stata for my empirical analyses. You can find all the official documentation on the website, but you can also find a number of detailed guides and how-to’s browsing the web.

I wrote a Stata command – sutex2 – that creates LaTeX ready-to-use tables of summary statistics. It can be downloaded from SSC Archive typing ssc install sutex2 in the Stata command window.


If you are interested in economics of education, inequality and political economy, you may find useful the following datasets and surveys:

Meschi and Scervini dataset on Educational Inequality

Barro and Lee Educational Attainment Dataset

World Bank Database on Political Institutions

European Values Study and World Values Survey

Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

LIS Data Center, harmonised micro-data on income and wealth

Penn World Tables, a collection of data on GDP comparable cross country and over time

Books and websites

The Haves and the Have-Nots, a very interesting book by the World Bank economist Branko Milanovic (available also in Italian)

www.lavoce.info (in Italian) provides facts, figures and analysis on ongoing economic and political debate in Italy

Funny web

www.phdcomics.com discourages young students from getting a Ph.D.

www.spinoza.it (in Italian)